Drug Compounding in Sherman, Texas

Be certain your unique health needs are met with drug compounding from our pharmacy in Sherman, Texas. The talented pharmacists with CareRx Pharmacy at Sherman skillfully combine necessary ingredients to create your personalized medication.

A Safe & Sterile Process

One common concern related to compounding is medication sterility. With CareRx Pharmacy at Sherman, however, you can be confident that our pharmacists conduct all procedures with the highest regard for your personal health and safety. We are committed to providing compounded medications that are safe and sterile.

Customized Medications

Our individualized medications fulfill many customer needs. For instance, certain prescribed medications come in tablet form, a difficult medium for children to ingest. For this reason, we happily produce the drug in liquid suspension or suppository form.

In addition, we offer customized services for individuals with allergies to dyes found in some drugs. Our pharmacists create an identical formula of the needed medication but exclude the offending dye. Simply put, we make medications that are just right for you.

Equally important, our pharmacists are trained to create your personalized medications accurately, paying careful attention to requested strength. We adhere to strict guidelines in formulating your medications in their purest and highest quality form.


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